Code of Conduct for student members
Student members Code is to:
• make every effort to educate themselves on several different careers
• make every effort to select a chosen career that they love and is suitable for them
• make every effort to act like a professional with respect to their chosen career
• make every effort to select a role model
• make every effort to read profusely about their chosen career
• develop a quality and organized portfolio
• make every effort to aspire to be the best they can possible be in their chosen career
• make every effort to use all their disadvantages to their advantages. Work hard to turn all failures in to success
• develop and maintain 100% believe and confidence in their own abilities and talents.
• make every effort to be coachable
• give maximum effort and strive for the best possible performance during lessons when in school
• make every effort to find someone to mentor (someone that is in a lower grade and has chosen the same career)
• aim to complete all tasks given and ask for extension work.
• set a positive example for others, particularly young members.
• always have regard to other members and always willing to offer help to other members.
• develop the desire to achieve great so that they can give back to the community.

Parent members Code is to:
• ensure that students members are given every opportunity for success
• ensure that student members attend all the possible sessions and educational visits
• ensure that they help to raise the confidence level and self-esteem of students by speaking positively to students constantly
• ensure that they do extra work with students and sign their passport
• ensure that they spend quality times with students to instill their value towards success in students career
• ensure that they have high expectations for their child