Aspirers Society 

The gateway to a brighter future. 

The sky is now your limit. Doors will now be opened to you. This is the gateway for a great future for you and your generations to come. The ASPIRERS SOCIETY is an international society.  

When you become a member of the ASPIRERS SOCIETY you will become a valuable part of en elite group. Although we are not a secret society, as a member you will have access to information that will not be available elsewhere.

All our members work hard and look out for each other.

The Benefits?

As a society each member is valuable and will be mentored, coached and inspired by highly successful professional experts. Your possibilities will be endless and your success will be limitless once you become a member.

What is included? 

English, Math & Science videos from some of the best teachers. Parents will be encouraged to watch and record students hours in a passport. Career education and guidance will be given by successful educators, business people, entrepreneurs and experts.

You will have first hand information from people who started out with nothing, and the most amazing thing you will be able to meet experts. You will be coached and mentored by them and in some cases you will be given work experience.

Certification & Awards Evening 

The Aspirers Society believes in celebrating success. Each member will be given a student passport. Every extra hours spent in developing your education and leadership skills will be recorded and signed by your parent.

At the end of the year if you accumulate 60 hours or more you will be awarded with an Aspirers Society certificate. If you get complete 100 hours or more you will get a diploma and above 140 hours you will get an Aspirers Society degree.