The Aspires Society first award ceremony was held at the Sheffield Hallam University on the 6th of July 2019. As the founder I was excited to collaborate with the Sheffield Hallam University through Maxine Greaves who is the Community and equality coordinator. We thought it was a great idea to award the parents, coaches, mentors along with the student members.

It was a hugh success and a memorable occasion for all. For some of the parents it was the first tome they have received a certificate.
Councillor Dawn Dale from Sheffield city council with the responsibility of children young people and families and also a Cabinet Advisor was present and gave the audience a strong message about the importance of Aspiring to be the best we can be.

Our guest speaker Dr Darren Williams, honorary Fellow at the Industrial Doctorate Centre instilled in us the concept the idea of using our disadvantages to our advantage. Use everything that is designed to set us back as the reason to work 10 times harder.

As the Founder my message was for parent to use the power of the spoken words to instill in our child the idea that we are born to be great. I explained that just by calling our children’s name over and over again, they now know their name to an unconscious competent level. Even if you should wake a child up 3am in the morning out of a deep sleep and ask their name they would be able to answer. We can use this same tool to install in our child that they are great, they are important. By continuously saying it to them. I closed by saying that in the world they are rich people and rich countries. Most of which is because they have oil wells, gold and fields of diamond.

I impressed upon the students and parents that the oil and diamonds in these countries are absolutely nothing in comparison to the oil wells and diamonds in our mind. Cherish and nurture your mind by dreaming as big as you can and the ASPIRES SOCIETY and its supporters will do everything to help you to achieve your dream.
We look forward to the next awards event where we will have a number of cities coming together and possible other countries as well.


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